Florida’s Statewide Coastal LiDAR Mapping Initiative

2010 ESRI Southeast Regional User Group Conference

Bill Millinor, Mark Nelson, and Jones Edmunds

“The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), in conjunction with Jones Edmunds, is finalizing a $29 million mapping effort to update coastal storm surge models and Regional Evacuation Studies with more current and accurate elevation data—LiDAR. From Pensacola to the Keys, up the East Coast of Florida and down the St. Johns River, over 15,000 square miles of new LiDAR data has been acquired as part of this project. The LiDAR data collection, processing, and deliverables are guided by detailed and conservative ESRI-friendly Baseline Specifications that were developed with collaboration from multiple agencies to help ensure high-quality and consistent deliverables. A significant challenge was balancing the high accuracy requirements of the project and user community with FDEM’s schedule and budget constraints. This presentation will discuss the challenges associated with quality assurance reviews, coordination with multiple agencies, project timing, and many of the other challenges associated with managing a large multivendor LiDAR mapping initiative.”

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