Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship for Geospatial Science and Technology

The American Society For Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Scholarship  is dedicated to encourage students to pursue education in the areas of geospatial science or technology associated with remote sensing, photogrammetry, surveying and mapping.  The applicant is required to be enrolled or anticipating to enroll in a United States university or institution in the field of geospatical science, surveying and mapping, or a related field.   The applicant is required to submit with the application a list of all relevant courses taken, a statement of work experience including technical papers, special projects, internships, and courses taught that may reflect the student’s abilities in the field.  For more detailed information and online application, please visit the following Web site:  http://www.asprs.org/membership/scholar.html.

Academic Disciplines/Professional Aspirations: Engineering/Technology; Surveying; Surveying Technology, Geographical Information Science, or Cartography.

Award: This scholarship is for use during freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior years.  This scholarship is not renewable.  Number: The number of scholarships awarded is 1.  Amount: The amount of the scholarship awarded is $1,000.

Requirements for Eligibility: The applicant is required to be enrolled or anticipating to enroll at a four-year college or university.  This scholarship is accessible only to citizens of the United States.

Requirements for Application: Application, essay composition, school transcript, resume, and personal references. Deadline: December1.