Atmosphere, Climate, and Weather Papers at the 2010 ESRI International User Conference

Real-World Applications of GIS in Meteorology

  • The Colorado Statewide Snow Avalanche Path GIS Database and Project
  • Effect of Surface Characteristics on Tornado Vortex Signatures

Software and Hardware Tools for Climatology and Meteorology

  • An Open Geospatial Consortium Standards-based Arctic Climatology Sensor Network Prototype
  • Using Mobile Devices for Enhanced Storm Damage Surveys
  • Mapping and Animating Air Masses with Python and ArcObjects

From the Wet Side: Marine Climatology and Climate Impacts

  • Integration of Hurricane Model with Socio-Economic Data
  • HabitatSpace – to visualize/analyze climate change effects in 3-D
  • Analysis and Visualisation of Atmospheric and Marine Meteorology Information

Panel Discussion: Atmosphere 2.0

  • This discussion will focus on how atmospheric and environmental sciences are now using mapping to engage the public, mostly by citizen generated content.