Spatial Analysis of Municipal Water Supply in Abeokuta Metropolis, South Western Nigeria

REAL CORP 2010 Proceedings/Tagungsband, Vienna, 18-20 May 2010

G. C. Ufoegbune, J. A. Oyedepo, Awomeso, A. O. Eruola

“The study examined the spatial dimension of Public Water Supply in Abeokuta Metropolis with the aim of providing effective planning, development and operation of water supply and distribution networks which is one of the most essential components of urban infrastructure. A number of factors ranging from population expansion to inadequate existing facilities are thought to be responsible for the frequent shortage in water supply to the metropolis. The study delineated the areas within the metropolis that are un-served or underserved by the Water Cooperation. A framework for taking management decisions such as an extension of the supply network and location of new facilities was given. Large sale facility maps that will serve as source of information for vital application for the Ogun State Water Cooperation in carrying out its daily functions were produced. Such maps in digital forms are extremely vital and are useful to integrate collateral data i.e. available within the corporation.”

2 thoughts on “Spatial Analysis of Municipal Water Supply in Abeokuta Metropolis, South Western Nigeria

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  2. It is not an over statement to have said that the problem of water supply in Abeokuta is a pin in the eye.people struggle to get water supply.i am on a visit here but it is a pain in the butt that one hardly get bath or cook daily consistently due to inadequate water supply.As a to-be town planner {Ladoke Akintola University of Technology},I am going to emphasage that the government should work according to the master plan of the state and every damaged public infrastructures should be looked into,as well as employing more officials according to the need of skills.Ogun state people are really suffering from water supply,the lapses should not have resulted from hard soil or presence of rocks,with the help of soil scientist good soil that will serve the purpose of providing water for the neighborhood could be known,and the rocks should not be hinderances rather another sources of revenue.please the issue of fund too should be taken into by govt and some NGO’s like banks and other private sectors.the supply of the infrastures should majorly favor the high and medium density inhabitants because the low density the rich that could provide for themselves.

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