The Potsdam Housing Market: A GIS-based Spatial Analysis using FOS

REAL CORP 2010 Proceedings/Tagungsband, Vienna, 18-20 May 2010

Harald Schernthanner and Hartmut Asche

“Housing in Potsdam varies from flats in redeveloped prefabricated high-rise buildings to apartments in historical townhouses to condominiums in Germany’s first gated community. Increasing demographic development and a stagnant public housing sector generate potential for spatial conflicts. For the time being in-depth GIS-based spatial analysis of the housing market lacks. This article analyses spatial trends and distribution patterns of the Potsdam housing market, using geostatistical methods implemented in free opensource geographic information systems (FOS GIS). To assemble a spatially differentiated picture of the housing market, methods such as spatial interpolation techniques and spatial declustering are applied. The analysis presented here is based on a representative sample of recent housing market data from 2009. The study provides a basis for discussion of a generic approach to housing market analysis based on free opensource geoinformation systems.”