Ecology and Conservation Papers at the 2010 ESRI International User Conference

Collaborative GIS in the Community

  • A geospatial framework for community-based planning in Hawai‘i
  • Complex Ecological and Social Communities: A Perfect Storm for Collaboration
  • Natural Resources, Cultural Heritage, Politics and the Role of GIS

Interactive and Online GIS

  • WebLEM: Web Based Long Term Ecological Monitoring System Development
  • Missouri River Basin Interactive Maps
  • iMapInvasives: A Nationwide Application for Managing Invasive Exotics Species

Conservation GIS Software Tools

  • A Conservation Ecology Toolbox
  • Visual and Acoustic Tracking of Marine Mammals in Real Time
  • A System for Collecting and Managing Biodiversity Observation Data

Conservation Planning and Assessment

  • A Regional Watershed Based Conservation Assessment
  • Growing Up: Replacing AutoCAD Maps With ArcGIS
  • Community GIS for Conservation Awareness

Avian Conservation GIS

  • Using ArcGIS for Avian Conservation on Camp Pendleton, California
  • Modeling Avian Electrocution Susceptibility
  • Using ArcGIS to Analyze Utah’s Mexican Spotted Owl Habitats

Wildlife Management and Decision Support

  • Using a Return on Investment Approach to Prioritize Habitat Restoration
  • Collaboratively Tracking Implementation and Effectiveness of Desert Tortoise Recovery
  • Mobile Mapping of Fish Movements in the Lower Missouri River

Wildlife Analysis and Habitat Suitability

  • Rafinesque’s big-eared bat and southeastern myotis roost selection in Mississippi
  • BioMap 2.0: A Conservation Vision for a Changing Climate

Landscape Analysis

  • Decision Tree Delineating of Prominent Ridgelines in Los Angeles
  • Using GIS in Kona Eco-site data: Using data for land inventory, analysis and management decisions for forest and rangelands

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