Data Grid and GIS Technology for E-Science Application: A Case Study of Gas Network Safety Evaluation

2010 International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems, Krakow, Poland

Chunping Ouyang, Changjun Hu, and Zhenyu Li

“With the development of e-science, more and more attention is drawn to the visualization and interoperation of scientific data. Integrating Data Grid technology and Geographical Information System (GIS) offers a well solution to implement e-science applications. Utilizing Data Grid technology could take advantages to share heterogeneous and distributed data sources. GIS provides visualization environment for spatial data and non-spatial data. In this paper we brought forward spatial information grid (SIG) architecture for gas network safety evaluation application. After discussing the key technologies of gas network SIG, such as spatial metadata modeling and spatial metadata searching, one prototype system was designed and then implemented. Through the SIG system, gas network safety evaluation results can be shown to users in an intuitive and convenient way.”