Got Results? Spatial Regression or Other Methods for the Analyses of Crime-Social Disorganization Covariates

Paper presented at The American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 04, 2009 . 2010-05-11

MoonSun Kim and Seongmin Park

“It is well known that crime rates are higher in socially disorganized areas. Numerous literature has examined the covariates between crime rates and community variables with such different statistical methods as OLS and HLM. These previous approach, however, has not paid enough attention to address the spatial autocorrelation in their analyses while it might exist due to the proximity of spatial locations of the units.

“This study is designed to examine any differences between spatial regression we will use and other traditional methods by using crme data in a city and census information. Crime specific analyses will be provided with census block group as a unit of analysis.”