Using GIS in Ecological Management: Green Assessment of the Impacts of Petroleum Activities in the State of Texas

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, May 2010, 7(5), 2101-2130

Edmund Merem, Bennetta Robinson, Joan M. Wesley, Sudha Yerramilli, and Yaw A. Twumasi

“Geo-information technologies are valuable tools for ecological assessment in stressed environments. Visualizing natural features prone to disasters from the oil sector spatially not only helps in focusing the scope of environmental management with records of changes in affected areas, but it also furnishes information on the pace at which resource extraction affects nature. Notwithstanding the recourse to ecosystem protection, geo-spatial analysis of the impacts remains sketchy. This paper uses GIS and descriptive statistics to assess the ecological impacts of petroleum extraction activities in Texas. While the focus ranges from issues to mitigation strategies, the results point to growth in indicators of ecosystem decline.”