Event Detection from Flickr Data through Wavelet-based Spatial Analysis

Proceeding of the 18th ACM conference on Information and Knowledge Management

Ling Chen and Abhishek Roy

“Detecting events from web resources has attracted increasing research interests in recent years. Our focus in this paper is to detect events from photos on Flickr, an Internet image community website. The results can be used to facilitate user searching and browsing photos by events. The problem is challenging considering: (1) Flickr data is noisy, because there are photos unrelated to real-world events; (2) It is not easy to capture the content of photos. This paper presents our effort in detecting events from Flickr photos by exploiting the tags supplied by users to annotate photos. In particular, the temporal and locational distributions of tag usage are analyzed in the first place, where a wavelet transform is employed to suppress noise. Then, we identify tags related with events, and further distinguish between tags of aperiodic events and those of periodic events. Afterwards, event-related tags are clustered such that each cluster, representing an event, consists of tags with similar temporal and locational distribution patterns as well as with similar associated photos. Finally, for each tag cluster, photos corresponding to the represented event are extracted. We evaluate the performance of our approach using a set of real data collected from Flickr. The experimental results demonstrate that our approach is effective in detecting events from the Flickr photo collection.”