Geospatial Technology and Our Shared Responsibility

Geospatial technologies inspire and enable people to make a positive impact on their future by developing a comprehensive understanding of the changing world around them.  Industry leaders, academics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and municipalities rely on GIS to connect them with the analytical knowledge they need to make the critical decisions that shape our planet.

For several decades, the geospatial community has collaborated around a shared commitment to solving global challenges with geographic knowledge, expertise, and stewardship.  This commitment includes:

  • A deeper, geographic understanding of the world.
  • The belief that geography can be used to shape a more resilient and sustainable future.
  • Dedication to solving Earth’s most pressing issues with geographic expertise and rational resolve.
  • An acknowledgement that we are responsible for Earth’s environmental and social resources.
  • A collaborative spirit that connects decision-makers with solutions that shape our future at every scale.

This shared responsibility is our opportunity to use our geographic expertise and rational resolve to make critical decisions concerning our natural and cultural resources.  From community issues to regional concerns and global challenges, geospatial technologies are at the heart of a more resilient and sustainable future. We work today for a better tomorrow.

Happy Earth Day!

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