Multitemporal Monitoring of Water Resources Degradation at Al-Azraq Oasis, Jordan, Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

International Journal of Global Warming, 2010 – Vol. 2, No.1 pp. 1 – 16

Naser Kloub, Mohammed Matouq, Monzer Krishan, Saeid Eslamian, and Monther Abdelhadi

“The historical topographic maps and satellite images of Al-Azraq Oasis of Jordan were collected from 1953 to 2005. These images are demonstrated for the first time. The satellite land image for 2005 is considered to be the most significant one. This is considered to be the highest level of degradation since 1953. The water degradation in the lake was fitted by linear regression and the best fitting for the calculated surface area for the water can be presented by a polynomial equation.”