International Variations in Life Expectancy: A Spatio-temporal Analysis

Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 2010, vol. 101, issue 1, pages 73-90

Min Hua Jen, Ron Johnston, Kelvyn Jones, Richard Harris, and Axel Gandy

“Life expectancy at birth has increased substantially at the global scale over recent decades, but the improvements have not been experienced equally across all countries – in large part reflecting changes in economic and social situations. To identify the spatial variations in life expectancy at birth across a large number of countries over a 33-year period, this paper provides an expository account of a developing modelling methodology for the analysis of spatio-temporal trajectories. It identifies broad patterns of change and simultaneously examines between- and within-country variation to assess the degree to which patterns of life expectancy are becoming more or less similar at national and sub-national scales.”