ITA Face a Dedicated WEBGIS for Added Value Information Delivery

Paper accepted for presentation at the 2010 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium, Bergen, Norway, 28 June to 2 July 2010:

Massimo, Musacchio; Buongiorno, Fabrizia; Doumaz, Fawzi

“The main goal of the geophysical cluster within SAFER project is to define, develop and demonstrate tools and products, based on the EO data, to support the risk management decision procedures. This is achieved through the generation of specific products created by using EO data and the dissemination of the information to the end-users in a form suitable for decision making.

“The SAFER project will provide support to the crisis risk management activities (Volcanoes and Earthquakes) in Europe and on Demand outside Europe. For this reason the set of products, that has been selected in the preparatory phase, cover the needs related to crisis phase of the volcanic and earthquakes risk. The facility will be provided with geophysical features selected in order to use it into specific areas, in Italy and in France for volcanoes and Italy and Romania fpr Earthquakes.

“The following main objectivies are foreseen, 1) a data handling tool supporting the reception, acceptance and preprocessing of the input data, 2) a web-GIS Analysis tool supporting the analysis and long term monitoring of the products (including an MMI with the end-user, 3)processing module supporting the generation of the products and their the storage in a local DB.”