Geo-Tunis 2010: The Use of GIS and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Development

The Fifth Session of the International Conference Geotunis 2010

29 November to 03 December 2010

Activating the recommendations emanating from the Fourth Session of the International Conference Geo-Tunis 2009, the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information organises in cooperation with several scientific institutions and companies in GIS and remote sensing:  The fifth session of the International Conference Geo-Tunis 2010, the use of GIS and remote sensing in achieving sustainable development from 29 November to 03 December 2010.

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And participation is open to all those who are involved in GIS and remote sensing and the related sciences. So do not delay your registrations and participations at the most important international gathering dealing with GIS and remote sensing’s uses and applications. Your participation will support scientific and technical exchanges amongst experts, scientists and specialists. Your contribution will also be a distinguished leap for the technologies of digital geography’s uses and various applications