Mapping Rurality: Analysis of Rural Structure in Turkey

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, 2009 – Vol. 8, No.2/3/4 pp. 130 – 157

Aliye Ahu Gulumser, Tuzin Baycan-Levent, and Peter Nijkamp

“The aim of this study is to describe the rural structure of Turkey on the basis of various rural indicators. The data and information used for evaluation of rurality are based mainly on the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) data. Factor analysis, one of the well-known multidimensional techniques is deployed to evaluate rural structure of Turkey while using geographical information system (GIS) based software ArcGIS to map out Turkey’s rurality based on the results of factor analysis. The results of the study show that Turkey is dominantly rural in terms of traditional meaning of rurality while stressing on divergences and differences between Turkey’s provinces. On the other hand, according to the results of the study, in terms of new definition of rural areas as a part of tourism sector, Turkey does not have a dominant rural character.”