A Knowledge Infrastructure for Intelligent Query Answering in Location-based Services

GeoInformatica, Volume 14, Number 3 / July, 2010

Shijun Yu and Stefano Spaccapietra

“Intelligent query answering in Location-based Services refers to their capability to provide mobile users with personalized and contextualized answers. Personalization is expected to lead to answers that better match user’s interests, as inferable from the user’s profile. Contextualization aims at not selecting answers that for some reason would not be appropriate at the time and place of the user query. These goals are beyond the current state of art in LBS, or are provided based on ad hoc solutions specific to the application at hand. This paper reports on the results of an investigation aiming at defining the knowledge infrastructure that should be developed within the LBS to make it capable of returning intelligent answers. We first discuss the data management features that make LBS different from other query answering systems. Next we propose a data infrastructure that builds on the idea of modular ontologies. We explain how the relevant knowledge may be incrementally set up and dynamically maintained based on an application-independent approach. Last we show how this knowledge is used to reformulate user’s queries via personalized and contextualized rewriting.”