A Spatial Analysis of Residential Land Prices in Belgium: Accessibility, Linguistic Border and Environmental Amenities

…from the Social Science Research Network…

GATE Working Paper 09-29, December 2009

Florence Goffette-Nagot, Isabelle Reginster, and Isabelle Thomas

“This paper explores the spatial variation of land prices in Belgium. The originality of the methodology is threefold : (1) to work at the spatial extent of an entire country, (2) to compute several accessibility measures to all jobs and several representations of the environmental amenities and, more importantly, (3) to test the hypothesis that jobs influence land prices only in the same linguistic region. Spatial autocorrelation is accounted for by estimating spatial models. The results show that the linguistic border acts as a strong barrier in the spatial pattern of land prices and that environmental variables have no significant effect at this scale of spatial analysis.”