GIS Analysis of Landslides in India

Analisis GIS Terhadap Gerakan Tanah di Girimulyo, Kulonprogo, D.I. Yogyakarta, dan Kajian Faktor – Faktor Pengontrolnya

Abstract submitted to the 2010 International Geosciences Conference and Exposition

Yogi Saktyan Respati, Asnanto Multa Putranto, Azim Suwardi, Irien Akinina Fatkhiandari, and Salahuddin Husein

“There were several landslides had occurred at Girimulyo District, Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province. These suggest that this area exhibits high potential of mass movement. This research is intended to map and analyze the mass movement potentail by using two methods, i.e. qualitative and quantitative, respectively. Direct observation is on site study for internal factors (e.g. lithologies and geologic structure) and external factors (e.g slope, vegetation, and landuses). Quantitative method utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial analysis on weighted parameters, i.e. slope, lithologies, geologic structures, and landuses. The research area is mainly composed of weathered lithologies of andesit breccia and breccia tuff covering steep slopes, whilst the rainfall rate reaches up to 2205 mm/y. Both factors are presumed to be the main trigger of mass movement. Result of this research is landslide susceptibility zonation which consist ot four levels which can be used as a basic information for hazard mitigation and regional planning. There were two types of mass movement exist at this area, fall movement were predominant in andesitic intrusion, whereas flow movement mainly took place in andesitic breccias, coralline limestones, and tuffaceous siltstones. This study suggests that more attention and awareness should be paid for areas with high and very high susceptibility levels such as Tanggulangin, Talunombo, and Giripurwo, particularly during high rainy sesason.”

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  2. The paper above is talking about landslide analysis which happened in Indonesia. As I know, Yogyakarta is province in indonesia.

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    I want to do GIS Analysis for rural people has water and sanitation ,so i need analysis extenstion tools in Arcgis9.1 please give me comments.

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