Spatio-temporal Complexity Analysis of the Sea Surface Temperature in the Philippines

Ocean Sci. Discuss., 6, 2831-2859, 2009

Z. T. Botin, L. T. David, R. C. H. del Rosario, and L. Parrott

“A spatio-temporal complexity (STC) measure which has been previously used to analyze data from terrestrial ecosystems is employed to analyse 21 years of remotely sensed sea-surface temperature (SST) data from the Philippines. STC on the Philippine wide SST showed the monsoonal variability of the Philippine waters but did not show significant differences between El Niño, La Niña and normal years. The spatial domain was subsequently divided into six thermal regions computed via clustering of temperature means. The STC values of each thermal region showed variations corresponding to the monsoonal shifts – as well as – to ENSO events. STC characterized environmental heterogeneity over space and time has the potential to define limits of bio-regions. The same approach can be utilized for many long-term remotely sensed data.”