ESRI Releases “GIS for Climate Change” Best Practices e-Book, 2nd Edition

ESRI has released the second edition of it’s free best practices e-book title “GIS for Climate Change.”  The second edition features a new introduction by ESRI president Jack Dangermond and Dr. James Baker of the William J. Clinton Foundation.  Articles include:

  • The Nature Conservancy Deploys ESRI Technology for Climate Trend Analysis
  • Assessing Economic Biomass Resources in California with GIS
  • Carbon Nation
  • Building an Oasis in the Desert
  • Conserving Bolivia’s Critical Resources
  • Mapping the Solar Potential of Rooftops
  • Harvesting Efficiently Using Mobile GIS
  • Mapping the Ayles Ice Shelf Break
  • National Carbon Sequestration (NatCarb)
  • Renewable Energy—No Longer the Impossible Dream!
  • Westchester County’s Green Map Aids County Global Warming Task Force Plans

Download the free e-book now [PDF]