Short Course Offerings at the 2010 MidAmerica GIS Symposium, 18 – 22 April in Kansas City, Missouri

“The 2010 MidAmerica GIS Symposium will offer a series of short courses to enhance our concurrent sessions. These courses give you a chance to receive some in-depth training that you can immediately use! There are 25 distinct course offerings from Sunday through Thursday of the Symposium (April 18 – 22). These short courses provide opportunities for beginners and advanced professionals in a variety of topics in both computer lab and classroom settings. These include:

  • Intro to GIS, ModelBuilder, Geodatabases, Python;
  • ArcGIS Server API’s, Web 2.0, Web Design;
  • Emergency Response, Remote Sensing, Cartography, LiDAR;
  • Map Book, The National Grid, GIS for Rural Communities, Mobile GIS;

“Short courses range from ½-day to full-day instruction. Prices are as follows:

  • With Symposium Attendance Discount:
    • ½-day: $60
    • Full-day: $120
  • Short Courses Only:
    • ½-day: $90
    • Full-day: $180

“See 2010 MAGIC Short Course Offerings for a complete listing and don’t let your favorites get full before you get a chance to sign up!”