A Spatial Analysis of Gullies on Mars

Proceedings of the 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2010)

L. Kincy, C. Currit, D. Butler, and S. Fuhrmann

“The possibility of life on Mars has intrigued people for over a century. A necessary re-quirement for life is water, a substance confirmed to exist on Mars. Gullies are features typically created by flowing water. Although Mars today is a desert planet, numerous geologically young gullies exist. The pres-ence of these gullies on the surface of other features, such as craters, suggests the gullies are young relative to the features on which they lie [1]. Many images of Martian gullies have been studied and compared to gullies on Earth to try to determine the origin of Mar-tian gullies. A gully is defined as a surficial feature having an alcove above a channel, and channels are typically associated with water [1].”