Questionnaire: Spatial Data Enabling USGS Strategic Science in the 21st Century

“At the request of the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Research Council is conducting a study that will: (1) identify existing knowledge and document lessons learned during previous efforts to develop Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and their support of scientific endeavors; (2) develop a vision for optimizing an SDI to organize, integrate, access, and use scientific data; and (3) create a roadmap to guide the USGS in accomplishing the vision within the scope of the USGS Science Strategy. For the committee’s full statement of task, click here.

“Because the committee cannot hear from all the individuals and organizations that have valuable experience and ideas on this topic during its few scheduled meetings, the committee seeks your help in the form of written contributions on the following set of questions.”

The Questionnaire

Based on the last five years working with spatial data infrastructures:
1. What has worked well?
2. What has not worked?
3. What are the major challenges (technical, organizational, cultural, policy, financial)?
4. What would you do differently?
5. In what domain(s) are your data (e.g. biological, hydrologic, cultural, etc.)?
6. What is your vision for an SDI to meet the needs of the USGS Science Strategy?

“Comments received by December 6, 2009 will be considered at the committee’s next meeting (December 10-11, 2009). However, the committee welcomes all input through February 2010. The final report is scheduled for public release in January 2011. Please note that any written comments submitted to the committee (whether by mail, e-mail, fax, or this comment form) will be included in the study’s public access file.”