Mukund Rao Steers Data and GIS for Global Spatial Data Infrastructure

…from the Winter 2009/2010 issue of ArcNews

A geologist by education, Dr. Mukund Rao understands how studying the earth can uncover solutions to problems that affect people all over the world. His passion for understanding the earth and its activities led Rao to a rich career furthering earth observation, GIS, and spatial data infrastructure (SDI) applications at both the national and international levels.

To honor this exemplary work record for the past three decades, Rao has been bestowed two honors, the 2008 National Geospatial Award for Excellence from the Indian Society of Remote Sensing and the Exemplary Service Medal from the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association. The Indian Society of Remote Sensing recognized Rao’s outstanding contributions in promoting geospatial science and technology and applications in India through longtime association and involvement in GIS technology, including his current position as president and chief operating officer of NIIT GIS Limited (ESRI India). The GSDI Association recognized Rao for his role in building and developing GSDI in its formative years and steering its activities as its first president from 2004 to 2006. Rao served as president at the GSDI-7/8 conferences in Bangalore, India/Cairo, Egypt, and has been involved in directing and furthering the technology and application of SDI throughout the world.