Vegetation Management Goes Mobile

Vermont Electric Power Company, Mobile GIS Application Serves Both Office and Field Operations

…from the Winter 2009/2010 issue of ArcNews

The Vermont Electric Power Company’s (VELCO) 688 miles of high-voltage electric transmission lines and 12,000 acres of rights-of-way share space with a wide and colorful variety of plant life. There are ferns, azaleas, holly, laurels, blackberry bushes, cedars, maples, and oak trees—more than 75 different types of vegetation. All of it needs to be managed, and any vegetation that exceeds a mature height of 12 feet needs to be removed.

VELCO developed an innovative vegetation management program that is saving the company hours of work, assisting in compliance, and significantly improving accuracy of treatment on its rights-of-way. Located in Rutland, Vermont, VELCO was formed in 1956 when local utilities joined forces to create the nation’s first statewide, transmission-only company in order to share access to clean hydroelectric power and maintain the state’s transmission grid.