On Three-dimensional Visualization of Geospatial Information: Graphics Based or Imagery Based?

Annals of GIS, Volume 15, Issue 2 December 2009 , pages 75 – 84

Li Deren;  Wang Mi;  Hu Qingwu; Hu Fen

“The three-dimensional (3D) visualization of geospatial information constitutes a fundamental property of the geo-information services nowadays, along with the requirements of popularity, openness and capabilities of target measuring and knowledge mining. Accordingly, in this article, the two major technical routines now applied to 3D visualization of geospatial information, that is the graphics-based approaches and the imagery-based approaches, are both described and discussed. After a comparative analysis of both advantages and disadvantages of the two manifestation modes, an optimized integrative strategy for 3D visualization of geospatial information is proposed finally.”