Three-Dimensional Property Modeling of a Complex Fluvio-Deltaic Environment: Rhine-Meuse of Delta, The Netherlands

…from the 2009 Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping Workshop held by the Illinois State Geological Survey…

Jan Stafleu, Freek S. Busschers, Denise Maljers, and Jan L. Gunnink

“The Geological Survey of the Netherlands aims at building a 3D geological property model of the upper 50 meters of the Dutch subsurface. This 3D model provides a basis for answering subsurface related questions on, amongst others, groundwater extraction and infrastructural issues. modeling is carried out per province using a digital coredatabase containing several hundreds of thousands of core-descriptions and a context of geological maps created during the last few decades. Following the completion of a model of the province of Zeeland (Stafleu et al., 2008), modeling focussed on the province of Zuid-Holland where major cities like Rotterdam and The Hague are situated, and the Rivers Rhine and Meuse enter the North Sea. The area is characterised by a thick Holocene coastal wedge that is underlain by a stack of Pleistocene (sandy) units. The Holocene sequence is the main focus of our paper.”