National Council for Science and the Environment Releases “The Climate Solutions Consensus”

With the world’s eyes focused on the climate talks in Copenhagen, the US National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) announces publication of its first  book.  The Climate Solutions Consensus, written by David Blockstein and Leo Wiegman, describes in non-technical language what we know about climate change, and the solution paths available today for climate mitigation and adaptation.  It presents 39 reasons why we need to act now to control climate change.

Most importantly, the NCSE book describes ways that we can work together now to foster solutions. The book proposes 35 climate actions for immediate consideration, many of which are on the table in Copenhagen this month.

The NCSE National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment, in 2008 brought together more than 1,300 research and policy experts around the topic of Climate Change: Science and Solutions. The ideas, research, and policy options presented and discussed at that conference served as the starting point for this book. The recommendations developed in breakout discussions around topics such as agriculture, buildings, coastal and urban management, education, energy, forestry, health, human population and international partnerships form the basis for the 35 climate actions.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) announced yesterday atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide reached record highs of 385 parts per million at the end of 208. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), announced this week that the years 2000-2009 is thus far the warmest decade on record.

The Climate Solutions Consensus: What We Know and What To Do About It places these trends into perspective for the average citizen and offers practical and game-changing pathways available to business, government, and citizens.  It is published by Island Press, the leading non-profit publisher of environmental books.

The book’s package offers special features designed to help teachers of climate policy courses or citizens involved in developing local climate action plans. The NCSE and authors have prepared an extensive website on NCSE’s content rich Encyclopedia of Earth. The web site offers extra discussions not available in the print version, including illustrations and figures. In addition, every bibliographic reference in the book is accompanied by a hyperlink to the original source from the book’s website.  This should help readers follow the latest research and policy developments.

Visit for links to the extra content, the Climate Change: Science and Solutions conference website (including videos of presentations by John Holdren, now President Obama’s science advisor, Mohan Munasinghe (IPCC Vice Chair), James E. Rogers, (Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke Energy Corporation), Sarah James, (Alaskan Gwitch’in Steering Committee and Goldman Environmental prize-winner), Bill McKibben (, Abigail Kimbell, (then Chief, US Forest Service), Congressman Jay Inslee (Washington), scientists Stephen Schneider, Bob Corell, Tom Lovejoy and many others, recommendations for action, climate education resources and much more.

The website also contains a link to the Island Press website where you can order the book. NCSE and Island Press are pleased to offer a 25% discount off the listed price of $30 paper and $60 hard cover. Use the code 25source on your order form to receive the discount.  Customers in Europe and the Middle East should contact to order the book.

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) is a national non-partisan organization with a mission to improve the scientific basis for environmental decisionmaking.