From 2D Cross-Sections to a 3D Model: A Toolset for Integrated Data Management, Modeling, and Visualization

…from the 2009 Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping Workshop held by the Illinois State Geological Survey…

Nat Voorhies, Scott Bowen, Tom Battenhouse, Rob Porges, and Tax Fox

“Two-dimensional (2D) cross-sections are a common aid in understanding three-dimensional (3D) subsurface conditions for purposes including environmental restoration, water resource evaluation, and resource extraction. This case study describes translation of the institutional knowledge and interpretations captured on existing 2D hydrogeologic cross-sections into an integrated, dynamic 3D hydrogeologic framework model that flexibly supports site goals. A premium is placed on automation and structured data management, allowing geoscientists to focus on visualization and analysis rather than on data manipulation and model assembly.”