Using GIS in Biodiversity Conservation across South Africa

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“The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) promotes easy and open access to biodiversity information. Through its Biodiversity GIS website it provides free access to biodiversity plans, maps and tools to support research, planning and decision-making.

“SANBI believes that biodiversity information must be made readily accessible if informed land-use decisions are to be made.  SANBI is the governmental organisation mandated to manage the country’s biodiversity. Along with managing the biodiversity is the challenge of managing all the information generated by SANBI and many of its partner organisations. Whilst managing the information is important, it is equally important to share this information with all stakeholders.

“The Biodiversity GIS (BGIS) unit has as its primary objective the provision of easy access to this spatial biodiversity planning information thereby facilitating its use in biodiversity planning and decision-making across the landscape.”

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