Map of the Day: Vegetation in the Vicinity of the Toolik Field Station, Alaska

…from the ESRI Map Book, Volume 24


“These vegetation maps are shown at three scales in the vicinity of the Toolik Field Station, Alaska, which is an Arctic research facility run by the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The maps are intended to support research at the field station.

“The front side of the map sheet contains a vegetation map and ancillary maps of a 751-square-kilometer (290-square-mile) region surrounding the upper Kuparuk River watershed, including the Toolik Lake and the Imnavait Creek research areas, as well as portions of the Dalton Highway and Trans-Alaska Pipeline from the northern end of Galbraith Lake to Slope Mountain. The reverse side shows detailed vegetation maps of the 20-square-kilometer (7.7-square-mile) research area centered on Toolik Lake and a 1.2-square-kilometer (1/2-square-mile) intensive research grid on the south side of Toolik Lake. All the maps are part of a hierarchical geographic information system and the Web-based Arctic Geobotanical Atlas.

“Courtesy of Alaska Geobotany Center, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.”