Happy GIS Day – Expedition Update from The GIS Institute “Think Beyond Plastic” Expedition

Newport Beach, CA – November 18, 2009

Happy GIS Day! Hello Friends – Wishing you all a good day today. If you know a geographer, wish them a good week, as this is Geography Awareness Week. If you know a GIS Professional, wish them a Happy GIS Day. We held a GIS Day event off the coast of Newport Beach, CA today, and there are a few pictures and some video on the blogsite, linked below.  “Think Beyond Plastic” Expedition is going well with less than a week to go.

Think Beyond Plastics Info. We are in our third week now! Picking up tons of trash!

“We have an interactive map, in its basic form now – test it out and see what you think. http://thegisinstitute.org -Thanks to all who have helped get this project up and going, and especially for those of you who have donated this week. We need all the support we can get, so please read the blog, and consider donating to help us map AND clean-up the oceans.


“Blog is here!



“We believe adventure is present in all GIS endeavors. The GIS Institute strives to build community by bringing education, work, and service to the conservation GIS community.

“Drew Stephens, Director,
“The GIS Institute”