Kerala, India Moves Moves Forward with Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

…from CIOL

Kerala Government has taken the lead to create, maintain and deliver geospatial data and metadata for their external clients, in real time. It has announced setting up of a Spatial Data Infrastructure called Kerala State Spatial Data Infrastructure (KSSDI) and has already approved Rs.9.37 crore for the project, said a press release issued today.

“The objective of the SSDI is to provide a basis for spatial data discovery, evaluation and application for users and providers within all levels of government, the commercial sector, the non-profit sector, academia and by citizens in general.

“The Geo portal once set up will allow the users spread across the Internet, to view and query the spatial information and the related maps. KSSDI will act as a web-gateway to access geospatial data content with facility to search, locate and publish geospatial data which the end users can access, download, integrate, share and publish in response to the needs of diverse user groups. The portal will maintain process, store, distribute and improve the utilization of geo-spatial data for planners, decision makers and public, said the release.”