The GIS Institute: Service At Sea Sails Again

…from The GIS Institute and Service At Sea…

Asheville, NC – November 2, 2009 –

“We’re off! Hello Friends – I’ve been waiting to say that for some time now.

“Think Beyond Plastics. Tonight we sail out of Santa Cruz Harbor under the full moon, for our 12 hour shakedown cruise to Morrow Bay, and the first set of day and evening programs.

“We have an interactive map, in its basic form now – keep checking as we get underway, and improve the map as we go. I’ll put the blog up in a day or two – in the meantime, please check the new website out at -Thanks to all of you who have helped me get this project up and going, and especially for those of you who have donated to get me this far. We are hoping to raise $10,000 in the membership drive, so read about the membership giveaway below, and donate when you can.

“Time’s running short, and the crew is hassling me to get off the keyboard, so look for more info here!