Adaptive Classification Using Self Organizing Maps

v1…from V1 Magazine

“As humans, we have an innate and natural tendency to establish patterns and associations in our environment. Consider for a moment, the capability of the human brain to “process millions of visual, acoustic, olfactory, tactile, and motor data, and…the astonishing ability to learn from experience, generalize from learned rules, recognize patterns, and make decisions”. The ability to recognize patterns allows us to distinguish objects one from another; to interpret sound waves as speech; and to understand the unique patterns of individual letters that collate to form words and sentences.

“These skills provide meaning, knowledge, and experience to the observer. It is difficult to mimic this type of pattern recognition and establishment of data relationships in a computational context.

“In other words, how do you train a computer to evaluate disparate datasets in order to recognize the difference between desert and forest conditions or understand the type of complex relationships that the human mind can resolve after many years of experience?”