GIS Specialist Position at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

utcGeographic Information Science (GIS) Specialist, Research Associate I, Biological and Environmental Sciences

This position coordinates the application and implementation of GIS principles and technology in a variety of research projects in the Environmental Research and Mapping Facility at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the Southeastern Watershed Forum data server and provides limited support for their efforts.
  • Advancing the progress of the Herbarium Web Server
  • Working toward the development of a City of Chattanooga greenprinting website to share information with policy and decisions makers.
  • Launching the Herbarium Web Server – write scripts and add Boolean descriptors toward ability to multiquery data, create “cookie” like maps of common queries to speed web server queries for users or develop a script to accomplish this same goal, add corrected GBIF data to database so that a large database can be queried, and launch web server to complete the proof the concept that the large biological datasets can be hosted and searched within a GIS framework (possibly linking this with the SEWF portal).
  • Generate a Green Infrastructure and Sustainability Model for the greater Chattanooga Metropolitan Area with a discussion board to generate communication and networking among greenprinting players.
  • May require travel to further UTC/NBII relationships and promote work being done at UTC.


  • B. S. in Computer related technology or science; or B. S. in Biological or Environmental Science; or B. S. in Business Management or Finance.
  • Experience in Information Technology and Computer programming, Business and Scheduling, Web Design, Spatial Sciences (Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS)
  • Demonstrated ability to combine GIS (e.g. Arc) with Computer Programming (e.g. Java scripting, Python, Visual Basic), web design/maintenance/monitoring, and remote sensing (e.g. Lecia photogrammetry suite, Erdas-imagine, AUTO-sync) and GPS (e.g. Trimble GPS suite and Arc Pad) technologies.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Send cover letter, application, resume, transcript of the last degree awarded, along with names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three professional references to: UTC Office of Human Resources, Dept 3603, 615 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37403.

To obtain application click here: [PDF]

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