Using GIS for Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Assessment: A Bibliography

Addressing Ambient Air Pollution in Jakarta, Indonesia

Air Pollution Sources in South Coast Air Basin—Impacts of Meteorology, Terrain, and Other Sources

Using GIS to Investigate Children’s Exposure to Air Pollution

Managing Air Quality Information in Tehran Using GIS

Spatial modelling of air pollution in urban areas with GIS: a case study on integrated database development

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Communications Supported by GIS

Dust Mapping in Arizona Uses GIS and Satellite Imagery

Mapping Ozone Conditions Across Europe in Real Time

How GIS Is Changing Loma Linda University Medical Center’s View of the World

Automating the Use of Geostatistical Tools for Lake Tahoe Area Study

Case Study: The Atlanta Environmental Project Problems and Challenges Students Produce GIS Databases

Integrating Computational Models with GIS in Engineering Applications

Method to Compare Maps That Show a Direction Variable

Visualization and Analysis of Multidimensional Data: Atmospheric Data Modeling

Using ArcGIS in Environmental Monitoring at Idaho National Laboratory

Modeling Air Quality in the Las Vegas Region

TCEQ—Environmental Monitoring Response System, Part 2

Community-Based Evaluation of Air Pollutants Using GIS

Geospatial Modeling of Ship Traffic and Air Emissions

A GIS-Based Kriging Approach for Exploring Air Pollutants and Asthma

Acid Deposition Response to the 1995 Clean Air Act Amendment

Use of GIS Databases in Urban Air Quality Modeling

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