Map of the Day: Bedrock Geology Map of the Wolfville-Windsor Area

…from the ESRI Map Book, Volume 24


“This bedrock geology map of the Windsor-Wolfville area, Nova Scotia, was compiled at a scale of 1:50,000. ArcGIS software was used to digitize the map, design and populate the databases, and produce the cartographic product, including shaded relief illumination of the geology using a digital elevation model.

“The map includes features such as bedrock units, anticlines, synclines, drill holes, faults, mineral occurrences, outcrops, shafts, trenches, quartz veins, structural data, glacial striations, quarries, and karst topography.

“The area comprises a number of important geological terrains in Nova Scotia, including Triassic-Jurassic zeolite-bearing basalt of the North Mountain; Triassic sedimentary rock in the eastern end of the Annapolis Valley; carboniferous rocks of the Windsor Group, containing some of the largest gypsum quarries in the world; Cambro-Ordovician metasediments of the gold-producing Meguma Group; Devonian uranium- and tin-bearing granitic rocks of the South Mountain Batholith; and Devonian to Carboniferous zinc- and barite-bearing rocks of the Horton Group.

“Acknowledgments: GIS databases and cartographic work by Angie L. Ehler, Jeff S. McKinnon, Brian E. Fisher, and other staff members of the Geoscience Information Services Section.

“Courtesy of Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Mineral Resources Branch.”