GIS for Climate Change Bibliography, Part 4: Sustainability

Building an Oasis in the Desert: GIS Helps Ensure that Masdar City Meets Its Carbon-Neutral, Zero-Waste Goals

Sumatra—Forest Cover and Change 1990–2000

Mapping Ecosystem Services in the Sierra Nevada, California

Global Gap Analysis—August 2003, First Iteration

Global Population Density Estimates for 2015

Combined Suitability of Land for Rainfed Crops and Pastures

3D Population Distribution in the Bay Area in 2000

Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in Sekhukhune, Republic of South Africa

Key Drivers of Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in the Greater Sekhukhune Municipality, Republic of South Africa

Back to the Future

Reducing the Impact of Transportation on the Human Footprint

Regional Conservation Priorities for Upper Guinean and Congo Basin Forests

Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Priorities

The Nature Audit—Cumulative Human Footprint

Atlas of the Biodiversity of California

Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act Priority Project Lists I–XIII

Wetland Mitigation: Restoring Montana’s Wetlands

GIS Mapping of the Yields of Ohio’s Aquifers

Rhode Island Land Suitability Analysis for Development Intensity and Conservation

Narragansett Bay Coastal Wetland Trends Analysis 1950s–1990s

Adapting to Climate Change: The Global Adaptation Atlas

FORMA = Forest Monitoring for Action: Tracking Deforestation, One Regression at a Time

CITYgreen Calculates Environmental Benefits of Trees and Green Space

Visualizing Priority Conservation Areas in Western North America

Changing Vegetation and Challenges to Borders of Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo

Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources

Climate Change Impacts on Watersheds in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean

Westchester County’s Green Map Aids County Global Warming Task Force Plans

Delta Habitat Opportunities – Assessing Risks with Climate Change

Developing the Next Generation of Climate Action Plans

Influence of Climate Change on Outbreak of Leaf Spot Disease

Local Climate Change GIS—Data-Based Visioning Tools for Community Decision-Making

Transportation Modeling and Climate Change Analysis

Conserving Bolivia’s Critical Resources

Ecosystem Vulnerability to Climate Change in Panama

Modeling Landscape Connectivity in the Southern Appalachians under Climate Change

Philippine Tarsiers Conservation Program Streamlined with GIS

For Puget Sound, Washington, GIS and Modeling Are Protecting and Restoring Shorelines and Open Spaces

Kenya’s Kiunga Marine National Reserve Studies Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Conservation with GIS

Mapping Benthic Habitats: The Marine GIS Challenge

The Charlotte, North Carolina, Urban Area Now Has a “Green Theme”

Rangeland Health Data Collection and Analysis Improved with Mobile GIS

U.S. Department of Agriculture Produces Objective and Accurate Global Assessments with GIS

Spreading Data Improves Crop Yield

International Coffee Marketing and Certification Aided With GIS

Sri Lanka Uses GIS for Planning and Management of Irrigation Systems

Formulating a Sustainable Development Land Use Scenario Using GIS

Colorado’s North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization Makes Ride Sharing Easier with GIS

Supporting Island Land Conservation

Traditional Knowledge Meets New Tools

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