GIS for Climate Change Bibliography, Part 1: Climate Science

Analyzing Sea Level Potential and Temperature Extremes within a GIS Environment

Shoreline Change History of Louisiana’s Gulf Shoreline: 1800s to 2005

Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Southern Florida

Coastal Change and Glaciological Map of the Larsen Ice Shelf Area, Antarctica: 1940–2005

The Cryosphere World Map

DOI Demonstrates Climate Change with ArcGIS Explorer: Visualizing Environmental Impacts Shows Need for New Strategy

Houston Ozone and Ozone Precursor Monitoring Network

Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map, Including Arctic Research Stations

Arctic Conservation Area Topographic Map

A Long-Term Seamless Daily Precipitation-Temperature Geodatabase for the Continental US (CONUS)

Global Soil Regions

Forest Dynamics in the Southern Lake Tahoe Basin, 1940–2002

Shrinking Forests of Kilimanjaro—The Impact of Fire and Climate Change

Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation

Global Warming: The Bering Glacier Retreat and Sea Level Rise

Air Pollution Sources in South Coast Air Basin—Impacts of Meteorology, Terrain, and Other Sources

Predicted Potential Natural Vegetation of New Zealand

Spatial Patterns of Climatic Factors Using GIS and PRISM, Korea

Land Cover of North America

Using ArcGIS to Evaluate Weather Warnings

100+ Years of Land Change for Coastal Louisiana

Using ArcGIS to Analyze Climate Patterns and Climate Change

Investigating Temperature Extremes in the United States

The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) GEOportal

NOAA Climate Services Portal: Climate Data and Statistics

NCAR Publishes Climate Change Models in ESRI GIS Format

Characteristics of Atlantic Tropical Storms from Long-Term Observations

Amongst the Icebergs, GIS Innovation Aids Antarctic Research

ClimateWizard: A Web-based GIS Tool for Practical Climate Change Analysis

Long-Term Environmental Monitoring at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Supported With GIS

Polar Climate Change: Shrinking Arctic Ice in a Temporal Context

Mapping the Ayles Ice Shelf Break

CASI Data Provides Better Picture of Coral Reef Threats

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