Map of the Day: Geological Map of Trans-Altai Gobi

…from the ESRI Map Book, Volume 24


“Mongolia is a country of enormous mineral potential that attracts geologists and mining companies from all over the world. This creates a large demand for high-quality geological maps.

“The Trans-Altai Gobi is a remote desert area of the southwestern wedge of Mongolia along the border with China. Part of the Trans-Altai Gobi belongs to the Great Gobi Protected Area, which was established in 1975 to protect a largely undisturbed part of the vast Gobi Desert and to provide a refuge for the ancient terrestrial fauna of Central Asia. In 1991, the United Nations designated the Great Gobi as an international biosphere reserve.

“One of the projects of a long-standing geological cooperation between Mongolia and the Czech Republic was oriented toward the geological mapping and geochemical reconnaissance of the Trans-Altai Gobi at a scale of 1:200,000. The map of the Trans-Altai Gobi at a scale of 1:500,000, published by Czech Geological Survey in 2008, is the summation of this work. All data was maintained in ESRI geodatabase format and cartographically processed in the ArcGIS environment.

“Courtesy of Czech Geological Survey.”