“Earth Science, Web 2.0+, and Geospatial Applications” to be Presented at ScienceOnline2010

sol_logoJacqueline Floyd and Chris Rowan will co-chair a session titled “Earth Science, Web 2.0+, and Geospatial Applications” at the ScienceOnline2010 conference at Research Triangle Park, NC, which will be held 14 to 17 January 2010.  “We will discuss online and mobile applications for earth science research, including solid earth, ocean, and atmosphere subtopics. Current topics planned for discussion are Google Earth for geospatial applications, iPhone and other mobile applications, collaboration tools such as Google Wave, and cloud computing platforms such as Amazon’s EC2 for computationally intensive applications such as seismic tomography or climate modeling. Also, we’ll discuss web analytics: defining and measuring what makes a science website or online application successful.”