Free Data Set: Carbon and Nitrogen Response to Elevated CO2 in Terrestrial Systems

“We compiled data from 104 published papers that study C and N dynamics at ambient and elevated CO2. The compiled database contains C contents, N contents, and C:N ratio in various plant and soil pools, and root:shoot ratio. Averaged C and N pool sizes in plant and soil all significantly increase at elevated CO2 in comparison to those at ambient CO2; ranging from a 5% increase in shoot N content to a 32% increase in root C content. Parts of this data set are copyrighted by the Ecological Society of America. Luo, Yiqi, Dafeng Hui, and Deqiang Zhang. 2006. Elevated CO2 stimulates net accumulations of carbon and nitrogen in land ecosystems: a meta-analysis. Ecology 87:53-63. Ecological Archives E087-001.”