Transportation Research Board Invites Participation in GIS-T Research Road Map

trbABJ60 is developing a strategic vision for the next 20 years of GIS-T research. Members, friends and anyone with an interest are invited to participate.

We live in an increasingly crowded and connected world.  Transportation systems are facing unprecedented challenges in the 21st century with respect to infrastructure renewal, congestion, safety, security, equity, energy use and the environment.   These challenges cannot be met using traditional planning, design and investment methods.   Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related geospatial technologies can allow for monitoring, analysis and simulation of transportation systems at levels of detail and scope that were unimaginable even a short time ago.   However, we need to determine the way forward, particularly as geospatial technologies become much more powerful ad pervasive over the next 20 years.

The Transportation Research Board Committee on Geographic Information Science and Applications (ABJ60) is involved in a multiyear effort to identify the research needed over a 10–20 year time frame for developing new geospatial science and technologies to meet the grand challenges facing transportation systems in the 21st century.

The foundations of this activity have been laid over the past 2-3 years, in a series of focused workshops. We received input from experts in GIS, transportation and computer science. We identified a need for sustained and directed research in GIS-T, and—borrowing from other successful initiatives in transportation—conceptualized a “Road Map” as the way forward.

The next task is to build the Road Map. We invite your input in this important process to conceptualize the future of GIS-T.  Think big, think small, think about the problems you want to solve today, 3-5 years from now, and 10-20 years from now.   Also think about all aspects of transportation: all modes and all business functions.

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