New Book: Research Trends in Geographic Information Science

research_trendsIn June/July 2008, the Institute for Geoinformation and Cartography at the Vienna University of Technology organized a scientific colloquium where 15 well-known scientists presented their ideas on research for the upcoming decade. This book contains papers prepared by the participants as well as by other researchers. The eighteen papers in this book reflect the opinion of a core group of Geoinformation scientists about future research topics. Dealing with these topics poses multiple research questions for the coming years.

Papers include:

  • Ontology, Epistemology, teleology: Triangulating Geographic Information Science
  • Geonoemata Elicited: Concepts, Objects, and Other Uncertain Geographic things
  • Virtue Ethics for GIS Professionals
  • Why Is Scale an Effective Descriptor for Data Quality? The Physical and Ontological Rationale for Imprecision and Level of Detail
  • Semantic Engineering
  • A Common Spatial Model for GIS
  • Computation with Imprecise Probabilities
  • Spatial Data Quality: Problems and Prospects
  • Latent Analysis as a Potential Method for Integrating Data Concepts
  • Stereology for Multitemporal Images with an Application to Flooding
  • Modeling Spatiotemporal Paths for Single Moving Objects
  • Moving Objects in Databases and GIS: State-of-the-Art and Open problems
  • The Degree of Distribution of Random Planar Graphs
  • Geographical Information Engineering in the 21st Century
  • Towards Visual Summaries of Geographic Databases Based on Chorems
  • Intelligent Spatial Communication
  • Training Games and GIS
  • Cadastre and Economic Development

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