EnVision: USGS Energy Resources Program Online Mapping Application

“USGS Energy Resources Program (ERP) clients have become accustomed to using NOGA Online, World Energy Online and other single-purpose internet applications to access and discover ERP oil and gas assessment maps, geospatial data, and publications.  These applications, designed and built in-house, rely on a variety of data storage models and are tailored to meet specific Project delivery needs.  The applications function as separate portals to the respective project data assets; they have little commonality; and they require users to learn unique navigation systems to access the maps, data, and publications.


“The individual map applications, although successful for their initial purpose, have become outdated and inefficient, expensive to maintain, and difficult to migrate to new technology.  They also have limited ability to integrate more accessible service-oriented technologies and map service formats adopted in the Energy Science Center.  In addition, World Wide Web (WWW) user preferences have changed and require adoption of high-performance, easy to use (single-click), single-entry map applications that are flexible to work across multiple computing platforms and internet browsers.  Users also want an efficient web portal that can be customized for their use, graphically organize data in a browser, and provide access to a wider variety of map information.  In short, the NOGA Online, World Energy Online, and other project applications require a major overhaul and transition to a more flexible data access and delivery framework in order to continue providing access to ERP products and meet client data delivery requirements.

“To address these issues, the ERP Data Management Project developed a data management strategy to transition our existing map applications to a service-oriented and flexible data access and delivery environment.  This strategy is based on three primary aspects; (1)consolidate data and publications from multiple oil and gas assessments applications into a singular assessment data model; (2)develop a single map viewer portal that is flexible to accommodate the variety of maps, data and services employed in the Energy Program; and (3) consolidate and translate existing ESRI map services into an Open Geospatial Consortium (WMS, WFS) data exchange format.”

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