District of North Vancouver Receives ESRI Canada’s Award of Excellence in GIS for Improving Public Access to Spatial Information

esricanadaESRI Canada recently presented an Award of Excellence to the District of North Vancouver for its success and continued commitment in providing the public with access to spatial information using geographic information system (GIS) technology.  The award was presented at the 2009 ESRI Regional User Conference in Vancouver.

“Geographic information is an important resource, not only for government staff but for the entire community,” said James Wickson, Vice President of Sales and Professional Services, ESRI Canada.  “We commend the District of North Vancouver for recognizing this early on, and for its consistent effort in enhancing GIS capabilities and developing GIS applications to better serve its citizens.”

The District of North Vancouver has been leveraging ESRI GIS software for spatial analysis to support its internal operations since 1992.  The District established an enterprise GIS by 2000 and worked to make GIS more accessible to the community.  In June 2001, the District launched GeoWeb, a Web-based portal that provides public access to spatial information and includes applications for searching and obtaining information on property and parks in the District.  GeoWeb has become an important tool for addressing the District’s corporate and community mapping and information needs and receives more than 150,000 visits annually.

In November 2009, the District will unveil a completely redesigned GeoWeb to the public.  This new version of GeoWeb will include a variety of simple yet powerful applications that will provide information on every property in the District; the District’s construction projects; census data for every neighborhood; natural hazards such as floods, wildfires, and landslides; and a look back at the history of the District of North Vancouver.  The new GeoWeb will continue to provide access to open data.  Virtually all of the District’s spatial data and maps, refreshed every week, are free to download from the web site.

The new release of GeoWeb will fully leverage ESRI ArcGIS Server, a complete and integrated server-based GIS that enables organizations to distribute maps and GIS capabilities over the Web, desktop and mobile devices to improve internal workflows, communicate vital issues and engage stakeholders.  ArcGIS Server will also provide the District with a solid platform for developing GIS applications.  The District will use ArcGIS API for Flex to add GIS functionality to its rich Internet applications and interactive maps.

“ESRI’s latest software has enabled us to become more efficient in our internal operations and allows us to provide better information services to our citizens,” said Shawn McLeod, GIS Manager, District of North Vancouver.  “This recognition signifies the importance of GIS in our organization and the positive working relationship we have with ESRI Canada.  It also shows our dedication to harnessing GIS technology so we can deliver greater service to our community.”

For more information about the District of North Vancouver’s GeoWeb, visit http://www.geoweb.dnv.org.