Post-Doctoral Research of Soil Carbon Cycling at Michigan Technological University

michtech…from Environmental Research Web

“Applications are invited for the position of post-doctoral researcher to study soil carbon cycling at broad spatial scales and coordinate activities of the National Soil Carbon Network (NSCN). This position is jointly funded by the USDA Forest Service, US Geological Survey, and Northern Institute of Applied Carbon Science. General responsibilities will include:

  1. “Database development: Support the development of a coherent, searchable, and expandable database with an advanced analysis environment. This database will be oriented to a wide range of individual investigators, small networks, and national agencies interested in spatially explicit soil C information.
  2. “Data synthesis: Test the efficacy of the database and interface by combining data from multiple large datasets and individual users, comparing multiple data input forms (isotopes, spectral analysis, etc), and producing a distinct synthesis product related to soil C distribution and vulnerability.
  3. “Community organization: Support NSCN workshops focused on data-sharing, protocol-development, and advanced website engineering for database interaction and community discussion; disseminate Network products and draw increased participation and collaboration through the web and NACP activities.

“A PhD in soil science, biogeochemistry, ecology, environmental engineering, or related field is required, as is a proven capacity to modify and run models and to design and manipulate large databases. The candidate should have strong interpersonal and organizational capabilities related to multi-investigator and large-scale studies. Experience with any of the following will be an asset: GIS, ecosystem modeling (CLM, CLM-CN, CASA, IBIS, DayCENT, etc), uncertainty analysis, or software engineering.”