The FullCAM Carbon Accounting Model: Development, Calibration, and Implementation for the National Carbon Accounting System

aus_greenhouse“The Australian National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS) : supports Australia’s position in the international development of policy and guidelines on sinks activity and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation from land based systems; reduces the scientific uncertainties that surround estimates of land based greenhouse gas emissions and sequestration in the Australian context; provides monitoring capabilities for existing land based emissions and sinks, and scenario development and modelling capabilities that support greenhouse gas mitigation and the sinks development agenda through to 2012 and beyond; and provides the scientific and technical basis for international negotiations and promotes Australia’s national interests in international flora.

“Subsequent to the development of the Excel based CAMFor model for the Australian Greenhouse Office, work commenced on the development of an integrated model which combined the CAMFor model with the 3PG forest growth model, the GENDEC litter decomposition model and the Rothamsted soil carbon model (Roth C). A parallel version of the CAMFor model (CAMAg) was developed for agricultural systems and is also integrated with GENDEC and the Roth C model.

“The model developed, known as FullCAM, integrates the CAMFor and CAMAg based routines to a single C code model capable of carbon accounting in transitional (afforestation, reforestation and deforestation) and mixed (e.g. agroforestry) systems.

“The FullCAM model can be run in a spatial mode which will integrate information drawn from the remotely sensed land-cover-change program, productivity surfaces and other ancillary data to perform various accounting routines.”